1. Design Consultation

Our initial meeting at your home will give us a chance to get a feel for your design preferences, material knowledge, ideas, and needs. We like to get to know how you use the space

2. Creating The Plan

Using a combination of 2D and 3D plans and details creates a roadmap to your project's success. We are able to model the entire project on the computer and allowing you to visualize everything from the way the sun casts shadows during different time of the day to what the landscaping will look like once fully mature.

3. Project Estimate/Budget Analysis

Combining the clients vision and a viable budget is a necessity. Being the Designer and Builder makes design/budget changes a painless process. We work hard not to create a design that is unobtainable or impractical.

4. Project Management/Construction

We approach every project the same. We use advanced project management software, cutting edge mobile devices, and the latest tools to realize your dream project. We encourage Customer interaction throughout the project without the stress of feeling like you need to manage all the details.

5. Project Completion

Customer satisfaction is our most prized goal. Most of our work comes from customer referrals and we know how important everyone of our clients are to our success. We will stand behind our work long after we are gone and for years to come.




Full Circle Design serves Homeowners, Contractors, and Commercial Project Managers by aiding in the design, planning, and execution of interior & exterior construction.

We make it our priority to stay apprised of new technologies, provide green and environmentally friendly materials, and to execute all projects efficiently and professionally.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide expert knowledge and innovative design to create amazing spaces throughout Southern California. Supplying our customers with quality materials and installation services, thereby ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Full Circle Design is led by our founder, Jeffrey C. Howard. Jeff began his focus in the design & construction industry more than fifteen years ago, working on early computer-aided design(CAD) systems. Focused on architecture and computer aided design he went on to work for several design & build construction companies before finally stepping out on his own and creating Full Circle Design.

Company Personnel
Full Circle Design employs some of the most talented artisans in Southern California. We understand how important our team is in providing quality work and meeting our customers' needs. Therefore, we focus on making FCD a great and safe place to work.

Email: info@fcdzine.com

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